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About Master Romao Tae Kwon Do

Over the past 30 years, Master Henrique Romao has become recognized for promoting taekwondo throughout the Surrey and Delta community.

After moving to British Columbia in 1980, Master Romao became one of Grand Master Woo Kim’s first students. At this time Master Romao started teaching taekwondo by opening his own school.  He hosted several tournaments and contributed towards the success of provincial and national championships.

Master Romao Taekwondo School has been recognized by the City of Surrey and the citizens of Surrey and Delta, for the contribution to the promotion of Taekwondo culture. Master Romao Taekwondo School is sanctioned by the World Taekwondo Federation of B.C. and Canada.

We are a member of the BC Taekwondo Federation and WTF Taekwondo Association of Canada.  

The WTF Taekwondo Federation of British Columbia is the only governing Taekwondo body in B.C. that is sanctioned to send athletes for participation in the Olympic Games, World Taekwondo Championships, World Junior Taekwondo Championships, World Cup Taekwondo Games, Pan-American Games, Canadian National Championships, and Canadian Junior National Championships. For more information about WTF Taekwondo Federation of British Columbia visit  http://www.taekwondobc.com/

WTF Association of Canada is recognized by the World Taekwondo Federation ("WTF"), Pan American Taekwondo Union (PATU), Sport Canada and Canadian Olympic Committee. For more information about Taekwondo Canada visit www.wftcanada.com

Head Master Henrique Romao

Master Romao is a 7th Dan Black Belt in taekwondo and received commendation from the official taekwondo governing organization in Kukkiwon, South Korea, for his contribution to the promotion and development of taekwondo.

Along with his experience in taekwondo, Master Romao’s training, and credibility for instructing self defense with the Marines in Portugal and Africa, provided a unique background to his skills for teaching the martial arts. Through the dedication and innovative teaching techniques Master
Romao has developed, he’s taught thousands of students over the years, in fact, several of his students now have taekwondo schools’ of their own.

Master Romao explains that “the skills students learn allows them to develop specific techniques in self-awareness, self-confidence and self-control“. Master Romao takes pride in being a devoted teacher, whose primary concern is the development of his students and he enjoys helping them reach their potential.



Master Gurpal Sahota

Master Gurpal started taking taekwondo at Master Romao Taekwondo School when he was six years old. For several years he competed in Lightweight Division in the BC Open Championships and was selected as part of the BC Team in 2001 and competed at National Championship level in the Super Fin Division. Upon receiving 4th Dan, he became a Master and currently teaches on the weekends along with Master Romao.


Master Filipe De Menezes

Master Filipe is a 4th Dan Black Belt and was a student of Master Romao for many years. Master Filipe started teaching taekwondo classes at the Korean Education Society and for the past six years he has also been a Master Instructor at Master Romao Taekwondo School. Master Filipe has also coached at the provincial and national level at tournaments, is a provincial referee and is a First Aid attendant.

Tenets of Taekwondo

Courtesy - Treating others with respect

Integrity - A commitment to honest and ethical behaviour

Perserverance - Try hard to achieve goals, strive to our best and never give up

Self-Control - Control emotions, be composed and stay focused under pressure

Indomitable Spirit - Having the right attitude and inner courage

Yin-Yang "um-yang" - Helps a martial artist achieve balance. It is the oldest and best known life symbol. The yang, moving up blends into the yin, moving down.  Yin and Yang are opoosing forces that flow in a natural cycle, always seeking balance. 

Master Romao Taekwondo School crest displays Yin and Yang along with a partial symbol of the maple leaf representing Canada and partial crest of Portugal, Master Romao's birthplace.  Korean letters also transcribe the name of the school.


Note: If you would like to include a testimonial or a message to future black belts please email us here

I enjoy Taekwondo. It makes me more confident and helps me to believe in myself more. 
R Bopanrai
What I really like about Master Romao is that he gives lots of attention to the students in his class and helps us if we are confused. Master Romao taught me a lot since I joined taekwondo.  From every move on a poomse to every kick on the boards.      
– N. Bains
I know that Taekwondo will be a big part of helping me to get further in life. Being a black belt is not something you have to do, it’s something that you want to do. If you don’t believe in yourself you won’t succeed.     
– C. Desouza
Taekwondo training has given me the strength and power to overcome obstacles. I appreciate everything that Master Romao, the school instructors and black belts have taught me.     
– C. Chan

Messages to future Black Belts
“You may be moving on to a higher point in your life but embrace the knowledge that is given to you. Use this opportunity to do better and teach others what you know, take all the hard obstacles that are thrown in your way and turn them into something positive; you only live once in life so live it to your fullest.”
- P. Gossal
“Once you achieve your black belt, continue to practice taekwondo as much as you can, be a good role model and follow the tenets of taekwondo. Always help out as much as you can and encourage other students.”
- N. Williams    




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